Archive of Přemysl Pitter and Olga Fierzová
Without love, without humanity, without compassion of human to human, nothing can succeed.
Přemysl Pitter

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1)    Posters & Photographs

The Museum is able to provide you the high-resolution posters for exhibitions. The posters describe Přemysl Pitter’s biography, or the rescue operation The Castles. If you would like to use these posters for your exhibition, please find the following Agreement about the object and purpose of the loan. The posters can be provided only without panels.

These posters can be followed also by high-resolution photos, which are shown in section Gallery. All photographs are protected by copyrights. If you are interested in using these high-resolution photos, the Museum will provide you the following Agreement about the granting of one-time reproduction right for the publishing.

In case of any other questions, please contact us via email:


2)    Archive of Přemysl Pitter and Olga Fierzová

The archive consists of two funds, (i) larger, so-called Swiss fund and (ii) smaller, so-called Czech part. Archival materials are associated with the activities of the Fund's funders, both in Prague and abroad. The archive includes personal and institutional correspondence, diaries, sermon concepts, personal papers, articles, books and photographs. Most of the archival materials also describe the activities of the operation The Castles between 1945-1947, focused on children coming from the concentration and internment camps to the sanatorium in Kamenice, Olešovice, Lojovice, Štiřín and Ládví. These documents include, for example, index cards, correspondence with institutions and investigation services, correspondence with parents searching for lost children and correspondence with foster parents.

Below you can see high-resolution posters describing Přemysl Pitter's biography, or the rescue operation The Castles.



Below you can see the example of posters’ presentation within the exhibition.

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